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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Halo:Reach Review

Ok so this was a hotly anticipated game for fans of Halo and general game enthusiasts. I was looking forward to it myself, but did it Reach my expectations? No. To be honest it was Halo, nothing more, nothing less. The selesction of maps was small and to be honest not hugely varied, game modes become repetitive quickly and all in all, the difference between it and Halo 3 are not all that great. As in all Halo games they have added and removed some things from Halo 3, new weapons (which aren't all that original), new vehicles (ditto) and the armor abitlities which lose their novelty after a short time don't add an awful lot to multiplayer except some annoying features which can add to annoyance. 

Don't get me wrong I actually quite like the game, but only because everyone has it and I can play with them. Other than that I don't think this game has an awful lot going for it. If yiu disagree feel more than welcome to comment. Dead Rising 2 review next.

EDIT: As was well pointed out I forgot to mention single player, well this is actually the best halo campaign so far in my opinion but it does miss out certain parts which made me love Halo 3, such as taking out Scarabs. And you don't really use vehicles all that much. It is also pretty short, it does however have a nice varied sense to it and is relatively difficult on Legendary, especially alone.


  1. looking forward to your review of medal of honor, if you do review it

  2. See... this is why macs are so much better. Pinch and spread, and this teeny tiny font actually becomes readable!!! When is the Dead Rising review coming?

  3. Good short review. Just needs bigger font what did you think of the single player?

  4. fun read.
    i wanna hear your thoughts on DR2, thats the game im still waiting to play. If I ever find time haha! take it easy man!